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A long and healthy hair

Surveys show that men like women with long hair. For this reason, women began to care for their hair and let it run. To be in shape long hair must be well groomed.

I liked my haircut bob style, but I thought I'd look more feminine if I had longer hair. Elders say that if you cut your hair regularly will grow faster and be healthier. Strange, is not it? But it's true. Trimming your hair every two or three months you get rid of split ends. They destroy your hair and make it look unhealthy. Despite the superstition that hair "will suffer" (which is very strange in my opinion) if you mow once in a while, your hair will thank you. I can vouch for this because I have very short hair cut a few months ago and now grows longer and healthier.

Did you know that brushing can damage hair roots? Twice a day is enough. In addition, brushing hair is still wet as the hair will be less resistant. However, you should brush your hair several times, because it helps remove oil natural hair. When hair is still wet, use a comb instead of a brush. Brush the hair will tangle tangled and will be hard to loose. On the other hand, comb has teeth broad and is meant to unraveling hair.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. You can use natural products like aloe vera and coconut extracts. These ingredients will moisturize your hair without using chemical ingredients that you find in most hair products. Choose hair products that are gentle formula.

Resist the temptation to tie your hair in a ponytail if it is still wet. Let him back and gently dried with dryer. As I said, wet hair is fragile wires - they are prone to breaking. Let your hair dry first. If you really want to he law uses a prioritization velvet hair. When you give below will not tangle hair will not pluck hairs.

Drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables. They contain elements that will help hair growth. Minerals and vitamins they contain will make your hair shine and it will make you stronger. They say you are what you eat. It's true. Your hair can be healthy depending on what you eat. Hair is made through diet.

Give your hair a salon quality treatment once a month. Capillary treatment at the spa is great for preventing drying hair because it protects from the sun and other pollutants that have to fight every day. Head for your favorite salon for a hot oil treatment. This treatment makes your hair shiny naturally and makes it smoother.

Finally, long and healthy growth of hair depends entirely on your lifestyle. If you eat healthy and stay away from hair products that contain aggressive chemicals, then your hair will grow long.

Forum Mayra "hair types and their problems."

Why men love women with long hair? arguments

I do not know if all are asawinking might prefer such women join because they seem more feminine and because they look better with long hair.

It's not a general rule, depends on your taste.

Simple: the first difference between men and women outside the sex is just wore long hair. A woman who has long hair and is beautiful, neat, etc.. will always be loved. It is believed that a girl / woman wearing short hair is more lazy, more unkempt, that's not true, I think it's just something dictated by the subconscious.

You say that as if it were a rule, well it is not, every man (valid for. Female) likes a certain genre, style, whatever you want to call it. I love one thousand women with long hair because when you are naked, hair covering forms, so do not give me that first wonderful view. But also I like girls with short hair - what can I say, I like simple things tongue. And regarding the "boyfriend" - really does not matter how long your hair is.

Where does this statement? wrong! ibesc men what a woman is really for her appearance (and that counts. yet.) that do not seem to mention. I have nothing to do!

1) long hair is feminine.
2) still operating on instinct, and one of these is conservation of the species. This is achieved by breeding. Throughout the animal kingdom, reproduction is based on natural selection: only the strongest and healthiest examplare multiply. Hair can be seen as a sign of health: hair rich, bright and long indicate a healthy woman. A sick woman will dull hair, and rarely destroyed (thread split, and which quickly breaks> seem shorter).

A beautiful Feminism's beautiful long hair and short hair is beautiful in the most beautiful evening dress and really beautiful when it has nothing on her!

For women with short hair (believe me, I saw girls shaved: O) look like prison time, or as some crazy times like ... sick, or like men.

The mouse with long hair you look beautiful and elegant in May if you long hair must be neat ... but not all girls are the same and each is as likes is not necessarily to have long hair and I think there are girls and boys who love it as it lies not in beauty but what spiritual person.

Women with long hair exudes, aforesaid this unconscious power, a hormone prehistorical scent that a man can not repudiate him in his subconscious

I have long straight hair and I was just great and I went with hair spread in water and when I came back to him let all men began to salivate even near friends wives have long hair so it is an advantage

Because it's normal ... it is natural for a woman to have hair lung straight I do one I had a relationship for 5 months ... and to cut the "Hanna" I dumped ... a woman with short hair does not seem appealing ... either no matter how beautiful the body and face ..

False democratie

- Tell us what hurts, and we offer you the right medicine.
- Tell us about your problems and we, together with you, we find the best solution for solving them.
- It gives you the opportunity to be irreplaceable.

Kind words democracy sounds of everyday life.
- "You're close, help you with we'll be fine ..."
But at what price?
Is their solution is the best?
Or it's principle, who has money and power is right?

Yes, the price is paid with a vengeance.
Daily to produce, you have to return, to be stirred constantly to assert yourself by anything is possible. Even if it is painful.
You and Americanized with all kinds of dead-line sites, target sites to be made, with not too high pricing.

Actually induce you "this is" and let yourself be manipulated.
At a headache but a walk outdoors or room ventilation may be the solution.
Your eyes hurt? Maybe you spent too much computer eyes.
But because time is money, "we offer you drugs". Save time.

If you tell them your problems and higher risk to have problems.
Means that you can not detach from them and did not mind free. Your judgment is dark.

It has invested in you. You agreed to be the entrance mat, make up and washing cloth. Or be thrown like a broken tooth.

P.S. (Vote the best. Anyone who involves emotional, familial and show their devotion to all.)
You do not have to be you.
This is a pamphlet. For adverse reactions, see a cigarette and coffee. Quietly, so maybe we can see things differently.

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